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Appointed byNamesAffiliation
N/A (ACT167 Section 27-44 (d))Rebecca CaiEnterprise Technology Services
Speaker of the House of RepresentativesRepresentative PerrusoHouse of Representatives
Speaker of the House of RepresentativesThomas LeeHawaii Data Collaborative
President of the SenateKaimana BinghamHawaii Green Growth
President of the SenateTorrie InouyeBank of Hawaii
Chief Justice of the Supreme CourtMai Nguyen VanHawaii State Judiciary
Superintendent of EducationTammi Oyadomari-ChunDepartment of Education
Director of Human ServicesRanjani StarrDepartment of Human Services
Director of HealthSteve SakamotoDepartment of Health
Director of Business, Economic Development, and TourismEugene TianDepartment of Business, Economic Development & Tourism
President of the University of HawaiiSandra FurutoUniversity of Hawaii

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