About this Site

With the launch of the State of Hawaii's Open Data portal, the State of Hawaii has now begun providing residents, analysts, and civic developers with unparalleled access to State data for use in increasing transparency, driving civic innovation, and engaging participants in a more collaborative form of government. Visitors to the site will find over 150 datasets organized by six major topics, with more datasets continuing to be added to the site:

  • Culture and Recreation
  • Economic Development
  • Employment
  • Environmental Protection
  • Formal Education
  • Government-wide Support

Data on the portal has been optimized so that users of varying technical ability will find the site easy to navigate and use. Residents, journalists and analysts will find that the data can easily be contextualized for various purposes using intuitive features built directly within the State of Hawaii's Open Data portal. Videos detailing how to sort, filter, visualize data can be found within the video guide section of the site.

Developers wishing to use the data for civic innovation will benefit from the Socrata Open Data API, a fully-documented, RESTful, Application Programming Interface (API). For more information about the API powering the State of Hawaii's Open Data Portal, please visit the developer's page.

State-of-the-art social data features enable participants to create a more collaborative form of government by commenting, discussing, and sharing datasets with other participants on the platform or to publish them on other social networks like Twitter or Facebook.

Users of the site are encouraged to participate in the development and future direction of the site by suggesting datasets to be added to the platform.